What Does Your Motivation Look Like?

Is It As Vibrant and Strong As It Can Be?
Or, Are You Avoiding Your Dreams –
Letting Them Slip Away?

Understand your Motivation Better
Learn How to Improve your Motivation. . .
And Your Entire Life!

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Learn How to Enjoy Your Life More Enthusiastically
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Develop the Power
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Start my FREE Motivational Vitality 'Check-Up' NOW - No Commitment Necessary.

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The Motivational Vitality Map
is an Innovative Tool that
Colorfully and Graphically
Displays the Nature of Your Motivation.

It is entirely confidential and you will receive your very own personal account that you can return to and review in the future.


Once we’ve given away the full allotment of free assessments, it will shift to a great price, but it won’t be free.

Start My Free Motivational Vitality "Check-Up"

Start my FREE Motivational Vitality 'Check-Up' NOW - No Commitment Necessary.

Here are some of the features of this highly interactive tool:

Vividly Displayed
This is a dynamic assessment that graphically and colorfully displays one’s motivation across the many areas of life – physical fitness, spirituality, professional, family, and so on.

Free and Easy to Use
This assessment in its Basic Standard form is Free. It takes about 15 minutes to complete, but is fun along the way – and you can spend 2 minutes with it and come back later to interact with it a little more. When you take it, you are given a Free Account that enables you to come back and complete it, or further learn from it, any time you wish. People often like to compare it to other people they know and care about.

Uniquely Illuminates Your Engagement in Life
In this assessment, star-shaped symbols graphically illustrate how strong each of the vital elements of motivation is, how one allocates (motivates) their use of time, and how successful they are in each area of their life.

Over a dozen sets of life areas and activities are available in the full version to best represent your life. Examples are: Leader, Student, Salesperson, Home Maker, Leader, Entrepreneur, and Athlete.

The Motivational Vitality Assessment can also be customized, in only minutes with the full version. This allows you to add, edit or delete the activities to truly mirror your life, your work, and your physical fitness.

Take Your Life to the Next Level –
Build your Motivational IQ
and Your Ability to DO ANYTHING You Set Your Mind To !

If you don’t have time to enjoy it now, you can go ahead and open your account and then come back later.

“Wow, this was a lot of fun. The dynamic, flying action of the stars kept me very engaged and I learned some vital things that are going to help me reach my goals.”

Dave Krakora

We are getting so much positive feedback, this tool may not be free for long. You can still get your free account and will also be eligible for discounts on future tools and services.

Discover How Building Your Motivational Intelligence Can Enhance Your Life!

Start My Free Motivational Vitality "Check-Up"

Start my FREE Motivational Vitality 'Check-Up' NOW - No Commitment Necessary.

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